Pear Tree Coffee Roasters

Based out of Phoenixville, PA, Pear Tree roasts coffee with purpose: to create flourishing communities of people who bring their diverse abilities together in work and life, as well as develop innovative opportunities that promise a sustainable future.

Pear Tree Coffee Roasters strives to provide coffee that is sourced with intention, roasted sustainably, and provides employment opportunities for an inclusive and diverse staff.

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Stonyrun Farms

Stonyrun Farms is a family owned and operated farm run by father and son Loren and Mitchell Ruth. They are based about an hour west of Philadelphia in northern Chester county, Pennsylvania. The Ruth family has been farming for 5 generations and since 2008 has been raising and selling Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef is the most tender and flavorful beef in the world thanks to its unique marbling. Wagyu is higher in the Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids and has more Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids than conventional beef! These are the wonderful healthy fats that consumers seek and they drive the tenderness & taste of Wagyu beef.

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Pure Joy Creamery

Located in Phoenixville, PA, Pure Joy Creamery makes small-batch yogurt exclusively with milk from Kolb's Farm, less than 10 miles away.  There, you can walk into the barn and meet the cows that give the milk! 

Pure Joy uses all-natural and simple ingredients, with a commitment to sourcing locally whenever possible. This gives the yogurt a distinct, delicious flavor and quality.  

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Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, Ceremony Coffee Roasters has "an unrelenting passion for producing the best coffee, and [they] know what it takes to do so at every step of the process".

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